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    And if all the trees on the Earth were pens and the sea [was ink], replenished with seven more seas, the words of Allah would not be exhausted. Indeed, Allah is Almighty, the Wise.

    Holy Qur'an 31:27

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In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Resistance. Inspiration. Creation. Revolution.

Thanks to and Acknowledgement of
the Original People of Turtle Island

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We’ve been solidly working for months with 36 Muslim poets and spoken word artists to bring you their commentaries on faith, life, relationships, healing, justice and empowerment. The authors’ work is their lives’ stories. Some of them will be familiar to you and others are brand new artists. Most are young and new adults and there’s a spattering of some older folks who think like them.

Using our slogan of Resistance. Inspiration. Creation. Revolution, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is certain this collection of writers will inspire all who wish for the truth. From many places, living mostly in the west, they have experienced either the injustices people face here or that and the injustices the west inflicts on their countries of birth and ancestry. But they’ve all have held onto the mighty rope of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala for dear life and their poetry and spoken word reflects that. We want you to share in the gifts they’re giving.


One person talking to another.

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Books, Bookmarks & Tapestries

  • The Sandhills of Arabia

    The Sandhills of Arabia

    Our First Published Book
    Fall in love with Shaheedah and Mary as they search for devotion and truth in the Arabian peninsula.

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  • Right Against Might: The Trio Versus the Sefids

    Right Against Might: The Trio Versus the Sefids

    It's Here!
    Join the exciting story of right against might as the trio tries to save the world from falsehood and extinction.

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  • Dhikr (Remembrance)

    Dhikr (Remembrance)

    Our First Bookmark
    In Surah al-Rad (13:28), Allah, Al-Muhaymin (The Guardian), tells us that our hearts feel tranquil, at ease and satisfied when our Lord is remembered (dhikr).
  • Qareeb & Mujeeb (The Near & The Responsive)

    Qareeb & Mujeeb (The Near & The Responsive)

    Our Second Bookmark
    In Surah Hud (11:61), Allah, Al-Raheem (The Merciful), instructs Prophet Salih, peace be upon him, to tell the people that our Lord is indeed The Near (Al-Qareeb) and The Responsive (Al-Mujeeb).

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  • HANIF (Upright in Faith)

    HANIF (Upright in Faith)

    Our First Tapestry
    In Surah Al-Rum (30:30), Allah, Al-Muqeet (The Nourisher), instructs us to set our face to our Lord's deen (way of life), being a Hanif (upright in faith), because Islam is the valuable religion.
  • Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word

    Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word

    WOKE & LOUD: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word is an anthology of 36 Muslim poets and spoken word artists.

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