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We have, over the years, written several young adult books, two of which were published in the Islamic Republic of Iran early in the days following the Islamic Revolution, in an attempt to offer Muslim youth a stepping stone, a light, a rope to hold on to, in order to extricate themselves from the confusion and to provide them with the knowledge that truth is justice, justice is love and others believe as they do. We tried as hard as we could to get subsequent books published, but it seemed they were made of hot blazing fire. No one would come near them.

We were honoured to have our first two books, The Sandhills of Arabia and its sequel The Diamond in the Sand, published without royalties. We just wanted our books out there. Through the years, these books were bought and sold by various organizations and bookstores around the world. They were translated and published by Zahra Novel in Indonesia.  No one asked us for permission and all this didn’t put any money in our pocket.

When subsequent manuscripts were declined by various publishers, we began to investigate launching our own publishing company for our work and to provide a space for Muslim young people to get their ideas recognized. After retiring from twenty-five years of teaching, we established Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing in a modest effort to fill the gap we see, to encourage our Muslim youth, strengthen their faith, hope and identity, and provide worthwhile, enlightening and enjoyable fiction for them to savour. We also imagine it could draw back anyone who is lost on the path and light the darkness for those who have not yet submitted to Allah, the Most High, our Creator and the Lord of the Worlds, Glory be to Allah, inshallah (Allah willing).