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A Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms

Brand-New Title!

A Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms:

Fictional Stories for Refreshment

& Resistance

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Al-Hamdulillah, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing

is pleased to announce our brand-new title.

It's a collection of 22 Muslim writers from around

the world and is full of flash fiction, short stories,

novel excerpts and a few personalized poems.

The pieces are offered as refreshment and resistance

to you and we hope will provide you with renewed and

abundant gratefulness, certitude, happiness, faith and courage.

Get it now, inshallah.

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The Chronicles of Deosai

Brand-New Title Expected Soon, inshallah!

by Tayyaba Amir

Chronicles of Deosai 3 D Revision

Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is so pleased to

announce our soon-to-be released title,

The Chronicles of Deosai.

In this original Muslim fantasy folktale, Tayyaba Amir

has used her Pakistan roots to write an exciting, breathtaking

and inspirational story for young adult readers. With the

folktale of Prince Saif-ul-Malook and the fairy Badr Jamal

as the backdrop, stepbrothers Usama and Ali and

Ali's cousins Sarah and Zohaib, along with their sets

of parents, find themselves in a thrilling, death-defying

adventure with giants, a troll and fairies in Deosai in Pakistan.

A unique twist on the well-known folktale

turns the fantasy into reality for book lovers.

Stay tuned so you don't miss out on getting

your hands on this four-stories-in-one

page-turner for the young adults in your life!

An Anthology of Muslim Poets and Spoken Word Artists

Blog Post 14

December 5, 2018

Poetry Anthology 2

 As-Salaamu Alaikum Everyone,

At Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing, we are always on the lookout for Muslim fiction writers of Islamic books for youth and new adults. Our mission to hear the voices of young and new adults and document their   creativity in print has led us to our first call-out for poetry and spoken word.


We are publishing an Islamic poetry anthology of known and unknown poets and spoken word artists, inshallah. The collection is themeless. Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing knows there’s a lot of dynamic Muslim writers out there who are known and even published already and other aspiring writers looking for an audience to share their work with.

If you have written a poem or spoken word that you’d like to be included in Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing’s anthology, we’d love to hear from you, inshallah. We’re looking for work that moves us and is unique, insightful and diverse. If you write in a style or delve into subjects that aren’t often published all the better.

If your work is chosen, we will need non-exclusive rights to what you submit. Non-exclusive rights means both of us can use the work in any way we both want or need to. Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing can use your work in our anthology, offer it as an excerpt on our website, use it for marketing purposes, etc. You can also use it in any way you want, including republishing it, reselling it and promoting it. There is no bar on reprints and simultaneous submissions of your work either, unless you are under contract already.

Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing will pay you US$0.20 per word on acceptance.

We will also send you two free copies of the anthology when it is published

and offer you a 40% discount on more copies.

When initially contacting us, please send a brief description of your work. If we decide it may make a good fit, you’ll be contacted to submit up to five pieces and a bio of yourself.

Can’t wait to hear from you, inshallah!

Please contact us!

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