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Why the Onliest Original?

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Published October 21, 2017                 

     I know what you're thinking - "I shoulda put down the money onStJosephsPeninsula
that bookmark."

         Why’s Inked Resistance only selling one-of-a-kind bookmarks and tapestries?


I guess it’s something like this:

It’s the process that I enjoy. I love looking for an ayat, choosing an image and/or border to go along with it, picking the colour scheme, designing the whole thing on a grid and sewing it. When it’s done, it’s done. And I love it!

But I don’t want to make it again. I want to make a new one.


Kinda Like Writing


It’s sorta the same with writing, but not exactly.


I have an idea for a story or piece of writing, a theme I want to write about, a problem to explore and solve. So I start composing, editing, inserting, deleting, rereading. Leaving it, coming back to it. Reading it to other people. Hearing it out loud. Getting constructive feedback on it. Sometimes abandoning it for days, weeks, months, even years. But always returning to the composition. It seems to never be done. And when I think it’s done, there’s always more I could do.

But when I’ve exhausted all my ideas and corrections and I’m simply tired of looking at it, the book’s finished. And I definitely don’t want to write another one just like it.

What I mean is I want to write a different story. Maybe use a different format. Different characters, setting, theme. I need a different problem and climax and solution. I want to explore a new way of telling the story that’s rumbling around in my mind.

It’s true that often times you can identify a well-known, especially favourite, author, by the way they write. Authors often have some peculiarities that are easily recognizable in their writing style or word choice or whatever. They often stick to the format they’re used to writing.

But some writers, like me, get bored quickly. I want to change up my format for the next story or poem or whatever it is I’m doing. I want to challenge myself to present my thoughts in a more original way with the next piece I’m working on. So I look for other models and figure out how to write the new piece using one of them.




I only make one bookmark or tapestry. Then I move on.


Don’t go assuming I’m trying to get you to buy something you don’t know yet if you want just cause it’ll be gone when you do decide. That’s not my intention.

But it’s a fact that it might be gone. Just like those shoes or whatever you saw but didn’t buy, thinking you’d look around more and then decide.

My business is not a mass market one. It’s an onliest original one, whether in the book, bookmark or tapestry departments.


If It’s Too Beautiful To Pass Up


My son suggested that if you must have a sold creation, I could make it over for you.


Two problems:

  • The first buyer won’t be the onliest owner of it.
  •  It’ll cost you to make me make something I’m not really interested in making again.

But I guess if you absolutely need it, email me and I’ll let you know what I’ll charge you to stop what I’m doing to sit and make the onliest original into a mass market copy of it. And that stopping what I’m doing is also a problem for me cause I don’t really like to be told what to do. Like I’m my own boss, you know.


But you’ll have to tell the first buyer what you done did.


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