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Thanks to and Acknowledgement of
the Original People of Turtle Island

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AL-HUDA (The Guidance)

9Original–Tapestry Al Huda Shop9 (2)

Tapestry 0009

In Surah al-An’am (6:71), Allah, Al-Hadi (The Guide), speaks about those who take their religion as an amusement and diversion and are deluded by the world.

Allah tells Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, to tell the people that they should not be led by the shaitans (satans), confused and wandering, because the Guidance (Al-Huda) of Allah is the only Guidance. We have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the Worlds.


Writing in Very Dark Pewter Grey; Design in Dark Terra Cotta, Light Copper and Pearl Gray;Border in Light Copper


3.5” X 7.7”