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AL-MUH’TADINA (The Guided Ones)

17Original–Tapestry  Al Muh’tadina Shop17 (2)

Tapestry 00017

In Surah al-Qasas (28:56), Allah, Al-Rasheed (The Director to Righteousness), in the previous ayats (verses) speaks about Guidance and the believers’ belief, speech and actions, and their rewards, especially the believers who were originally the People of the Book.

Then Allah reminds Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family, that he may not be able to guide those whom he loves because Allah is the Ultimate Guide and Director to the Way. This is the same situation for all the Prophets and for us. The Prophet’s duty is to only convey the Message from Allah, displaying right conduct and showing the correct way. Guiding the people is Allah’s job because only those with pure and receptive hearts can be guided and only our Lord knows whose hearts and minds are eager for the Truth and full of the love of Allah, the Most Glorious. Allah Alone lights their Way, making them the rightly guided ones (al-muh’tadina). Al-Hamdulillah! (All Praise be to Allah)


Writing in Ultra Dark Dusty Rose; Design in Royal Blue, Light Baby Blue, Medium Antique Blue, Ecru, Medium Topaz, Ultra Dark Dusty Rose and Very Dark Seagreen; Border in Light Baby Blue


5.6” X 6.1”