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Our Newest Addition!

The Diamond in the Sand

by Laila Hasib

The Sequel to The Sandhills of Arabia

Uncover the devastating story of US espionage against Black

American Muslims as Mary searches for her true identity.

 DiamondintheSandBook Cover 3D min

After The Sandhills of Arabia was first published in 1992, the lovers of Shaheedah, Jafar and Mary patiently awaited its sequel and were rewarded three years later with The Diamond in the Sand. In 2017 Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing began and its first title was The Sandhills of Arabia. This 2023 edition of its sequel is being graciously offered after 28 years.

The Diamond in the Sand pursues the story of the friendship of two young ladies, Shaheedah and Mary, focusing on Mary’s search for her true identity. It captures truth, justice and love and reveals US espionage against Black American Muslims and upholders of peace throughout the world.



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FI NAFSIKA (Within Your Soul)

18Original–Tapestry  Fi Nafsika Shop18 (2)

Tapestry 00018

In Surah al-A’raf (7:205) of the Holy Qur'an, Allah, Al-Jamil (The Most Beautiful and the Source of Beauty), in the previous ayat (verse) instructs us to be silent and listen to the Holy Qur’an when it is recited so that our heart and mind can be affected, thus receiving Allah’s Mercy.

In this ayat, we are instructed to remember Allah, the Most Glorious, in the mornings and the evenings, with love, humility and awe, innately and ceaselessly. The fear, or awe, that believers, who have awakened hearts, feel is one of acknowledging the Greatness of Allah, the Beauty and Power, with is a spiritual pleasure. Remembering Allah within your self or your soul (fi nafsika) is what Allah, the Most Merciful, wants us to do because that is spiritually helpful and satisfying. Remembering our Lord without pretense, showing off and shouting is how Allah instructs us to make salat (prayer) and recite dhikr (remembrance) and the Holy Qur’an. The fajr (daybreak) and maghrib (evening) salats are recited out loud, whereas the other salats are recited silently. Even so, Allah instructs us not to recite them too loudly. The proper remembrance of Allah, the Most Beautiful, helps us to be heedful, aware and attentive to, and not negligent in, our responsibilities towards our Lord.


Writing in Dark Blue; Design in Medium Delft Blue, Dark Blue, Very Dark Seagreen, Medium Lavender, Violet, Medium Yellow and Topaz; Border in Medium Yellow


4.8” X 10.5”