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It's Here, Al-Hamdulillah!

Our Newest Addition!

The Diamond in the Sand

by Laila Hasib

The Sequel to The Sandhills of Arabia

Uncover the devastating story of US espionage against Black

American Muslims as Mary searches for her true identity.

 DiamondintheSandBook Cover 3D min

After The Sandhills of Arabia was first published in 1992, the lovers of Shaheedah, Jafar and Mary patiently awaited its sequel and were rewarded three years later with The Diamond in the Sand. In 2017 Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing began and its first title was The Sandhills of Arabia. This 2023 edition of its sequel is being graciously offered after 28 years.

The Diamond in the Sand pursues the story of the friendship of two young ladies, Shaheedah and Mary, focusing on Mary’s search for her true identity. It captures truth, justice and love and reveals US espionage against Black American Muslims and upholders of peace throughout the world.



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Right Against Might:

The Trio Versus the Sefids

It's Here!

By Fajr Almas

Join the exciting story of right against might
as the trio tries to save the world from falsehood and extinction.

Right Against Might: The Trio Versus the Sefids is a thriller about three Muslim high school students, Ali, Ahmad and Salim, who live in the west. They must uncover the conspiracies of the Sefids, a mysterious international organization, before they take over the world.

The novel incorporates aspects of true life, including glimpses into the illuminati and the 9-11 conspiracy. It mimics the secret plots of zionism as its adherents attempt to control people’s minds, dominate the world’s resources and oppress the weak in humanity. The trio face danger, jinns, kidnapping and even death to expose the dreaded organization’s mechanisms. The teens must help to clear the name of the Momineen, the true believers of Allah, who have been demonized by the Sefids’ control of the media.

Muslim readers, thirsty for Islamic mysteries, will enjoy this “save the world” book. All young adults will identify with the exciting story of right against might as the trio attempts to save the world.

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