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Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word

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April 14, 2019 resizeimage

 Al-Hamdulillah! Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of our anthology:


Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley

of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word 

A 463-page compilation of open-hearted dynamic souls. A never-before seen venture. Readers will be taken on a journey unlike no other, a kaleidoscope of visions, beliefs, voices, emotions and actions. Our future generations will be confident that these Muslim wordsmiths actively sought a higher purpose and resisted wrongs with moral solutions.

We’ve been solidly working for months with 36 Muslim poets and spoken word artists to bring you their commentaries on faith, life, relationships, healing, justice and empowerment. The authors’ work is their lives’ stories. Some of them will be familiar to you and others are brand new artists. Most are young and new adults and there’s a spattering of some older folks who think like them.

Using our slogan of Resistance. Inspiration. Creation. Revolution, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is certain this collection of writers will inspire all who wish for the truth. From many places, living mostly in the west, they have experienced either the injustices people face here or that and the injustices the west inflicts on their countries of birth and ancestry. But they’ve all have held onto the mighty rope of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala for dear life and their poetry and spoken word reflects that. We want you to share in the gifts they’re giving.


One person talking to another.

We can’t wait to get Woke & Loud

into your hands and hearts, inshallah!


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