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Resistance. Inspiration. Creation. Revolution.

Thanks to and Acknowledgement of
the Original People of Turtle Island

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A Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms

Brand-New Title!

A Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms:

Fictional Stories for Refreshment

& Resistance

 book cover mockup design 03 1 1 1


Al-Hamdulillah, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing

is pleased to announce our brand-new title.

It's a collection of 22 Muslim writers from around

the world and is full of flash fiction, short stories,

novel excerpts and a few personalized poems.

The pieces are offered as refreshment and resistance

to you and we hope will provide you with renewed and

abundant gratefulness, certitude, happiness, faith and courage.

Get it now, inshallah.

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A Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms: Fictional Stories for Refreshment & Resistance

Blog Post 42

July 30, 2021

Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms 3 D


A Bouquet of Muslim Blossoms: Fictional Stories for Refreshment & Resistance is an original Muslim fiction collection of 22 Muslim writers from around the world. It is an anthology that was a long time in the making. But, All Praises to Allah, the Most High, it is here!

The story started with the call-out from Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing in February 2020, but then the virus

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Families: The "Real Work"

Blog Post 41

May 15, 2021

Warning: This blog post contains challenging content dealing with sexism, misogyny, abuse, violence, injustice and oppression.

gaza 3829414 1920

Eid Mubarak!

This is not the time to celebrate though. There's too much oppression and misery in the world.

Listen. I set out to write about families in my February 10, 2020 blog post, He, Him, His, Himself, but once again my fingers typed out something else altogether. This happens sometimes to writers. We sit down to pour our hearts into a piece with good intentions, good vibrations and good 

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Twenty Fitrah Questions

Blog Post 40

February 24, 2021

Rajab 13, 1442

anis coquelet LanJEVFzxPw unsplash 1

Take a quiz. Answer these questions truthfully.

1. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? (1)

2. Have you seen what you emit? Is it you who create it or are We the Creator? (2)

3. Have you seen what you sow? Is it you that cause it to grow or are We the Grower? (3)

4. Have you seen the water that you drink? Is it you who send it down from the rain clouds or are We the Causer of it to come down? (4)

5. Do human beings think that We will not assemble their bones? (5)

6. Do you indeed really disbelieve in The One Who created the Earth in two days and set up equals with Him? (6)

7. Are they only waiting for the Hour to come upon them suddenly while they are unaware? (7)


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Killing a Soul

Blog Post 39

January 18, 2021

800px Born to Kill helmet

It’s simple really!


"For this reason did We prescribe to the children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, other than for a soul or for spreading corruption in the Earth, it is as though he killed all the people; and whoever saves it, it is as though he saved all the people; and certainly Our Messengers came to them with clear arguments, yet indeed even after that many of them transgress extravagantly in the Earth." - Surah al-Ma’idah, 5:32

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Third Year Anniversary: Milestones - Part 4

Blog Post 38

December 20, 2020

Part 4

800px The Earth seen from Apollo 17


Continuation of events that took place during the past three years

Part 4

See Blog Post 35, November 2, 2020 for Part 1, Blog Post 36, November 17, 2020 for Part 2 and Blog Post 37, December 3, 2020 for Part 3

Introduction Repeated here for your benefit –



Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing

is Three Years Old!

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Third Year Anniversary: Milestones - Part 3

Blog Post 37

December 3, 2020

Part 3

London Churchill

Military Police at White House

Continuation of events that took place during the past three years

Part 3

See Blog Post 35, November 2, 2020 for Part 1 and Blog Post 36, November 17, 2020 for Part 2

Introduction Repeated here for your benefit –



Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing

is Three Years Old!

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Third Year Anniversary: Milestones - Part 2

Blog Post 36

November 17, 2020

Part 2

No Justice No Peace

Continuation of events that took place

during the past three years

Part 2

See Blog Post 35, November 2, 2020 for Part 1

Introduction Repeated here for your benefit –


Inked Resistance

Islamic Publishing

is Three Years Old!


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Third Year Anniversary: Milestones

Blog Post 35

November 2, 2020

Part 1

Third Year Anniversary


Inked Resistance

Islamic Publishing

is Three Years Old!

Here’s what we can do: We copy others; show affection and concern without prompts; take turns; show a wide range of emotions; understand mine, hers and his; separate easily from Mom and Dad; get upset with major changes in routines; and dress and undress ourselves. We carry out instructions with 

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Justice Doers: Putting everything in their right places

Blog Post 34

October 10, 2020

Ramadhan 1

The Islamic definition of justice is putting everything in their right places,  as Imam Ali (peace be upon him),  in Nahj al-Balaghah,  said, “[making sure] that everything is placed in its real place” and expounded on in The Institute for  

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Heal the World and Your Self

Blog Post 33

August 26, 2020

Thanks a lot 1

For the past while, Muslims have been listening to lectures about social justice, Black Lives Matter, the racist history of the US, the “pandemic” and the US elections. Ramadhan has come and gone as has Hajj and we haven't been

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Ways to Serve Allah, The Most High

Blog Post 32

July 27, 2020

sports and competition  mother  islamic 4910915 1280  stethoscoperamadan worker classroom quran

paint board and brush 2 hearts playground  ClipartKey 3155286 heart 1  manifestation  brainbaby

Much of Islamic teaching is about good behaviour and morality. We hear about it all the time – adab and akhlaq.

Some of us don’t know how to implement this besides being kind to others.

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Glorifying Violence and The True Reality

Blog Post 31

June 6, 2020

Blog 31 George Floyd

The US of A is looted land, built upon murdered Native Peoples, built by looted, maimed and murdered Black people, run and ruined by white supremacist racist looter-murderer psychopaths. That is the true reality.

Whoever doesn’t believe that, doesn’t know anything about Amerikkkan history.

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Make This Ramadhan Count

Blog Post 30

May 13, 2020


Quran Dates

As Ramadhan coincides with stay-at-home orders, except for “essential” workers, because of what some are calling a “plandemic,” ulama, masajid and many of us are focusing on the self with online lectures, seminars and discussions on topics like: “Moral Excellence in Times of Trials,” “Spiritual Psychology in the Qur’an,”

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Unprecedented Times?

Blog Post 29

March 28, 2020


"Indeed, those who patiently

persevere will truly receive

a reward without measure.”

- The Holy Qur’an 30:10 

Jargon. Every profession, every activity, every group has their own. That’s fine.

But when the “government” uses jargon, it’s not fair to the people. We aren’t in that group, even though

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He, Him, His, Himself

Blog Post 28

February 10, 2020

Warning:This blog post contains challenging content dealing with racism, sexism, misogyny, abortion, sexual assault, rape, physical abuse, torture, violence, slavery, kidnapping, murder.


Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem.svg 2

A respectable man told me the other day that the family is such an important aspect of our lives and we need to put our time and effort into the family. He said it’s harder than fighting against oppression and injustices, here and globally, cause 

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Intentional Criminality

Blog Post 27

January 10, 2020


From December 20 to 23, 2019, we attended MSA (PSG)’s 49th annual conference in Bethesda, Maryland, on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., the capital of the Great Shaitan. It was a refreshing break from the mundane work-a-day life in Canada. Everybody was genuinely excited about what Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is doing, Mashallah.

The workshops were well-attended and enlightening, revolutionary and inspirational. We could feel the pulse of the attendees, moderators and lecturers and the pulse was beating strong and red. It seemed to me

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Are We Missing Something?

Blog Post 26

December 2, 2019

5OriginalsHope Page5

Fiction is not a waste of time.

When Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing set out a little over two years ago to establish an Islamic fiction publishing company for young and new adults, Al-Hamdulillah, we saw it as

“an attempt to offer Muslim youth a stepping stone, a light,

a rope to hold on to, in order to extricate themselves from the confusion

and to provide them with the knowledge that truth is justice,

justice is love and others believe as they do.”

Yet it seems some Muslims are slow to get on board. Perhaps it’s guilt that keeps some Muslims from taking

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Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing's Second Year Anniversary

Blog Post 25

October 30, 2019

Two Year Anniversary

Al-Hamdulillah, we’re celebrating our second year in business! And it’s all because of Allah’s Subhanahu wa ta’ala Generosity, Blessings and Help, along with the insight, encouragement and love from you all that we’ve stood our ground and begun to make an impact out there. Words alone can’t express our appreciation and indebtedness to our Sustainer and our earthly supporters for this success. So we’re offering a tiny incentive so you can purchase books at a reduced rate and, inshallah, pick up some one-of-a-kind bookmarks and tapestries as well for yourself, your family and friends. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala continue to bless you all and Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing with everything that is good.

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What Kind of Muslim are You?

Blog Post 24

September 24, 2019

Adalat Art 1

People come in many versions. Well actually, we are all born sinless with a fitrah (our innate nature, disposition and knowledge) that seeks our Creator from Whom we come and to Whom we will return. We have divine spirit within us and that’s why we are always desiring and searching for wholeness and spiritual connection, innately aware there’s a Great Powerful Being sustaining our lives and deserving of our worship. Human beings throughout the ages have always sought Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and realize that

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Nothing New

Blog Post 23

August 23, 2019

prisonerLittle Big HornCrazy HorseNat TurneroutputHarriet TubmansoldierHands UpMuhammad Alis Grave in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville Kentucky July 14 2016 1Wounded Kneeicon 5usa flag

Please don’t believe that violence in America is something new. White supremacy isn’t new either. The country was overrun by violent white supremacists who exterminated the native population and captured and enslaved black people from Africa to make the great ole US of A what it is today.

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Birth and Death

Blog Post 22

A half hour past July 23, 2019

In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful

mother png 41515

We experience various events in our lives. These include our first words, first steps, first day of school, graduation, job, marriage, parenthood… Joys…

All these events are ordained by Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and controlled by our Sustainer. Although we may think that they were in our control and/or caused by our own doing, we ultimately know this to be false. Of course, our accomplishments had something to do with our own actions because if we didn’t study, we wouldn’t graduate. If we didn’t take a job, we wouldn’t have one. If we didn’t agree to be married, we wouldn’t get married.

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Inked Resistance

Blog Post 21

June 30, 2019

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

25Original–Tapestry Mukhlisa Shop25 (2)

Shaitan tried to dissuade her as she sat stitching. Beginning a new venture, such as Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing, is like swimming in a piranha-infested pool. Upon retiring from 25 years of teaching, she put her plan into action and, Al-Hamdulillah, the publishing company was launched with a three-pronged approach – pub-lication of her own and young and new adults’ fiction, along with handstitched bookmarks and tapestries of inspirational ayats. Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is young and new adult voiced and revolutionary, providing perspectives of resistance, honour, power, faith and hope,

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Eid Mubarak!

Blog Post 20

June 4, 2019

Eid Mubarak 2019

 Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing extends a huge EID MUBARAK to everyone! We pray your Ramadhan was full of spiritual highs and forgiveness.




Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing will be away for a couple of weeks, inshallah.

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Woke & Loud

Blog Post 19

May 9, 2019

Woke Loud May 2019

 You've read poetry and probably heard spoken word. But what about by Muslims? You're in for a unique journey with a diverse group of spiritual and revolutionary artists!

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Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word

Blog Post 18

April 14, 2019 resizeimage

 Al-Hamdulillah! Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of our anthology:


Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley

of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word 

A 463-page compilation of open-hearted dynamic souls. A never-before seen venture. Readers will be taken on a journey unlike no other, a kaleidoscope of visions, beliefs, voices, emotions and actions. Our future generations will be confident that these Muslim wordsmiths actively sought a higher purpose and resisted wrongs with moral solutions.

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Why Our Voices Aren't Heard

Blog Post 17

March 9, 2019

multiple lightning bolts

 Writers know there are marginalized people. They also know there’s always been. They don’t write about them because they dont care


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Sextuple Whammies in the “Eyes” of the Great Shaitan

Blog Post 16

January 28, 2019

Marzieh Hashemi 1

 Even if all the United States government has done is exterminate, corral and repress the Native Peoples and kidnap, transport and enslave the Black Peoples, that’s enough reason to despise it. But as we know, that’s not all it has done and are doing up to this very day. And the US isn’t the only oppressive government in the world.

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An Anthology of Muslim Poets and Spoken Word Artists

Blog Post 14

December 5, 2018

Poetry Anthology 2

 As-Salaamu Alaikum Everyone,

At Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing, we are always on the lookout for Muslim fiction writers of Islamic books for youth and new adults. Our mission to hear the voices of young and new adults and document their   creativity in print has led us to our first call-out for poetry and spoken word.

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We Made It, Al-Hamdulillah!

Blog Post 13

November 13, 2018

One Year Anniversary

 “We set out to talk about Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing’s one year anniversary, Al-Hamdulillahand tell you about our 25% off on our  books to celebrate it, hoping you’d take advantage  of the discount to get a copy or two. But as I sat down to write, this is what got typed -

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Islamic Revolution

Blog Post 12

October 19, 2018


 “I have risen up solely to seek the reform of the Ummah of my Grandfather, 

peace and blessings be upon him and his family. I want to promote virtue and prevent vice and I follow the conduct of my Grandfather and my Father,  Ali ibn Abi Talib, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them and their family.”

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Words of Affirmation and a Surprise

Blog Post 10

Published July 24, 2018

5OriginalsHeavenorHell Page5

“I just love this book,” the tween girl told her friend, pointing to The Sandhills of Arabia.

“Where did you get it from to read?” the author asked, knowing only a few copies had been sold on-line so far.

“I borrowed it from my friend,” she said.

“Oh, you mean the old one,” the author said, referring to the original publication 25 years ago.

“Yes, I love it! I can’t wait till its sequel is republished.”

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Islamic Storytelling

Blog Post 9

June 24, 2018

5OriginalsMasjidan Nabawi Page5 2

Muslims have always engaged in artistic storytelling because we understand that storytelling is a vehicle to inspire faith and love for Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his family. It’s always been a method of tarbiyah (education and upbringing) through the relating of stories of the Prophets, peace be upon all of them, historical stories of specific and general situations and stories that provide a moral message.

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Right Against Might: The Trio Versus the Sefids

Blog Post 8
Published May 24, 2018

Right Against Might 3D April 23, 2018

Right on Time!

Doesn’t it seem that the zionist regime of Israel is always in the news, either crying or murdering? The past little while they’ve been at it again – bawling about the “terrorists” with stones on their border and shooting them down in cold blood. It’s not the Palestinians who’re the “terrorists.” It’s the zionist criminals and all those who support them, including the US, Britain and Canada.

Fajr Almas’s novel, Right Against Might: The Trio Versus the Sefids, has been published right on time, at

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Savvy Readers

Blog Post 7

Published April 24, 2018

5OriginalsHeavenorHell Page5

Young and new adults don’t have time to waste. You’re the fast-paced generation. Information is instant, efficient, easy and bite-sized. Waiting for anything seems like an eternity. The whole world’s at your fingertips with a click or a swipe. You’re wired!


But it’s important to look at what’s being poured into your mind.



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Chickens Roosting

Blog Post 5

Published March 1, 2018


On December 1, 1963, Al-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz (Malcolm X), speaking about the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, in response to a question, said “the chickens came home to roost” at a Nation of Islam address at the Manhattan Center in New York. For that, Al-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz was silenced by Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad for 90 days. Al-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz later said, “His assassination was the result of the climate of hate.” In March 1964, Al-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz left the Nation of Islam.


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Walking in Footsteps

Blog Post 4
Published January 28, 2018

Imam Husayn Masjid

Many people dream of walking in the footsteps of their idols.

They stalk their idols’ social media, write fan letters to them, purchase books by them and books and magazines about them, relisten to their words, post pictures of and sayings by them, hang posters of them in their home and show up where they perform, might be or even live. If their idol has passed away, they retrace their footsteps by visiting their birthplace, where they made it big and their gravesite.

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Are You Ready for a Revolution?

Blog Post 3

Published Dec. 28, 2017

Company and Book Flyer

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful

Inked Resistance

Islamic Publishing

Resistance. Inspiration.

Creation. Revolution.

As-Salaamu Alaikum Everyone,

Inshallah, you and your family are well.

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen our new publishing company and are as excited about it as we are.

Since we’ve branched out into an entirely new field, the world of Islamic fiction for and by young and new adults, it seems it may just be too unique. Some folks can’t get their heads around Islamic fiction. That’s okay, though, because without venturing out into the unknown, we won’t swim with the always relevant and ever-evolving Islamic wave and instead we’ll be stuck in some ole fuddy-duddy time warp.

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Random, Slanted and Twisted Reading

Blog Post 2

Published Nov. 26, 2017

5OriginalsBooksRaining Page5   2017 young adult books are mostly cracked up.

Let’s take a look at these:

  1. Carve the Mark - sci-fi fantasy, American “white” female author born in New York City
  2. Blood Rose Rebellion - historical fantasy, American “white” female author living in Utah
  3. The Bone Witch – fantasy, female Filipino author born in the Philippines
  4. The Hate You Give – real life, black female author born in Mississippi
  5. Goodbye Days – real life, American “white” male author born in North Carolina

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Why the Onliest Original?

Blog Post 1

Published October 21, 2017                 

     I know what you're thinking - "I shoulda put down the money onStJosephsPeninsula
that bookmark."

         Why’s Inked Resistance only selling one-of-a-kind bookmarks and tapestries?


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