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The Chronicles of Deosai

Brand-New Title Is Here Now,

Al-Hamdulillah! Right on Time for 2022!

by Tayyaba Amir

Chronicles of Deosai 3 D Revision

Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing is so pleased to announce our new title,

The Chronicles of Deosai.

In this original Muslim fantasy folktale of Prince Saif-ul-Malook

and the fairy Badr Jamal as the backdrop,

Tayyaba Amir has used her Pakistan roots to write an exciting,

breathtaking and inspirational story of adventure in Deosai in Pakistan. 

A unique twist on the well-known folktale

turns the fantasy into reality for book lovers.

Purchase yours now so you don't miss out

on getting your hands on this four-stories-in-one

page-turner for the young adults in your life!

Englightening Videos


1. Spiritual Reawakening Through Poetry & Spoken Word

September 5, 2020

Copy of draft Muharram poetry event

Featuring Sister Laila Hasib, Editor of "Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word" & Brother Abrahim Al Zubeidi, Author of "Tears from Heaven's Flowers"

WOKE & LOUD: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry and Spoken Word           Tears

Hosted by Taqwa Media & Shia Racial Justice Coalition

Co-Collaborators - Ahlulbayt Student Organization of Houston, Al-Buraq Publications, Az-Zahra Islamic Centre, Bait Ul Qayem, Husayn Center for Social Justice, Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing, Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association, Masjid ar-Rasul Chicago, Mohebban-e-Fatemeh, Muslim Group USA & Canada, Muslims United for Justice, Stand with Dignity, Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) & Yaseen Educational Foundation

Spiritual Reawakening - Youtube

Spiritual Reawakening - Facebook

SHOP NOW - Woke & Loud

SHOP NOW - Woke & Loud

SHOP NOW - Woke & Loud

SHOP NOW - Tears from Heaven's Flowers

SHOP NOW - Tears from Heaven's Flowers


2. Arbaeen Hosseini (a.s.) Conference

October 2-3, 2021

Justice for Children

Justice for Children Poster

The speech by Sister Laila Hasib at the Arbaeen Imam Hussain (a.s.) Conference: JUstice fo Hosseini Children was hosted by the Hosseini Movement in Toronto.

"Why can't you always remember this?!" You can read her speech in Blog Post #44, October 20, 2021 - Justice for Children @  Justice for Children

Sister Laila Hasib is in Part 1 at 22:35

Arbaeen Conference - Justice for Hosseini Children - Part 1

Arbaeen Conference - Justice for Hosseini Children - Part 2



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And of course, there are some links to some of the poets' & spoken word artists' videos in "Woke & Loud: A Faith-Based Medley of Muslim Poetry & Spoken Word" @ Woke & Loud