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RAJI’UN (We are Returning)

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In Surah al-Baqarah (2:156), Allah, Al-Latif (The Subtle, Gentle and Kind), tells us that those who say we come from Allah and are returning (raji’un) to our Lord, whenever misfortune, tragedy, disaster or death strikes, are the ones Allah, All Praise be to Allah, sends Blessings and Mercy on and they are the rightly guided.

This is because Muslims are grateful and thankful for whatever they receive from Allah, Glory be to Allah. We understand that our Lord created us and do not fear death since it is the only way to return to Allah again.


Writing in Very Dark Gray Green; Design in Ultra Light Avocado Green, Avocado Green, Very Dark Avocado Green, Light Pistachio Green, Very Dark Grey Green, Medium Antique Mauve, Medium Blue Violet, Dark Carnation, Light Orange Spice, Light Pale Yellow, Very Light Topaz Light Wedgewood, White, Dark Steel Grey and Very Light Pearl Gray;Border in Very Dark Gray Green


6.3” X 7.1”