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Muslims have access to an array of books with all sorts of Islamic themes, the vast majority, or almost all, of which are non-fiction. There are quite a few children’s books, as well, although more are needed. But Muslim young people have been left in the dark when it comes to quality moral reading material, such as novels, short stories and poetry. No one seems to dare publish for this age group, unless it’s a simple non-fiction how-to-be a good Muslim book, full of do’s and don’ts, rules and responsibilities and threats of Hell, or a handful of glossy magazines.

Why? Young adults are the most vulnerable of all age groups, especially those in the west, and with the influx and proliferation of social media they are being pressured, more than ever before, to conform to the status quo all over the world. Yet, Muslim youth have been taught to question more, inquire, debate and search, and this dilemma poses a crucial breaking-point. Our Muslim youth know the Truth, stand for justice and desire to speak out, but they live in a world that’s moving so fast, that’s so corrupted, and this can be frightening. Our company offers our youth the realization and comfort that others think like they do, with justice, faith and love, and the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Since our company publishes work for mostly Muslim readers, it seems imperative that we’ll be asked about which madhab or school of thought the company is or we belong to. It doesn’t matter to us which madhab an individual follows as long as they are honest, humble, just and respectful. So while, at times, our madhab may come across stronger than others, that should be expected as it is part of our Islamic existence. That in no way means other madhabs are less or more. Differences make the world go round. What is intolerable is abusive language and attitudes that attempt to disrupt the beauty of Islam and the unity of Muslims. If that is your intent, we’d rather you didn’t participate in our venture. Save yourself the trouble and ask Allah, Glory be to Allah, to help you stay calm and tread on the Straight Path, inshallah (Allah willing).